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Basics of Currency Trading

Trading currencies is similar to stock trading. Buy the currency pair when the price is low and sell when the price is high. What is Forex?

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Getting Started

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To succeed in trading you need :

To choose a reliable broker with an impeccable reputation
To strive to fill all the gaps in your knowledge of Forex
To use a professional and convenient Forex trading terminal
To be prepared for losses, think of them as a part of Forex trading
Not to let your passion take over your sense

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  • ToursFX grants access to the trading platforms around the world. Our clients manage their funds on the exchange market not leaving their homes or offices. Besides information on the latest events of the financial world and Forex reviews and forecasts, you can take a Forex training course by opening free demo account. Learning with ToursFX is simple. We do not have any limits for deposit amount or trade volume. The world's leading market makers come as contractors for ToursFX. Cooperation with the best companies and banks allows 24-hour processing of all client trades on the foreign exchange. So if you have a live trading account with ToursFX, you have direct access to the market and Forex transactions.
  • None of Forex brokers gives a guarantee of taking profit. Trading on the currency market involves certain risks of full and partial loss. Forex market appears to be a high-yield and high-risk way of investing the funds. Nevertheless, ToursFX guarantees safety of the client's monetary assets and protection of funds on their accounts from non-trading risks. The best trading terms for live accounts are helpful tools for every trader in his daily activity. We do not promise you profit on Forex, but we do provide the necessary trading conditions, which raise the result of your trades much higher than our rivals.
  • We offer you to run trading activity without spread depending on your preferences. We provide floating spread and the highest trading leverage. For clients with live accounts over $1,000,000, we offer an additional protection in terms of segregated Forex accounts. Our trading conditions are meant for making currency trading with ToursFX convenient and profitable. Over 1,0000 traders have already chosen ToursFX as their broker on Forex with MetaTrader platform. ToursFX is a world's leader in the field of brokerage services on Forex.